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Features that you'll fall in love

Property Managed comes with tons of super features which are easy to use.

Early Adopter Beta Features

These are the features we are introducing with our early adopters programme

Manage Gas Safety Certificates

Ensure Your Property Meets Compliance Effortlessly

Manage Insurance Certificates

Manage your insurance certificates, monitoring for expiry dates.

Tenant Payments

Record and monitor your tenants' rent payments

Work Orders

Manage maintenance tasks and work that needs to be carried out, along with the associated costs.

Local Property Insights

See other local property for rent of the same type and check against an average rent.

Landlord Inspection

Check when you next need to do an inspection for a property

Monitor Fire/Smoke alarms

Record installing and monitor expiry of smoke and fire alarms.


Keep track of your finances for a property including mortgage, insurance, maintenance, rent payments.

Email Notifications

Get notified when something needs your attention and when things expire

SMS Notifications

Communicate with your tenants or clients via sms

FreeAgent Integration

Integrate with your finances on the FreeAgent platform

Tenant Management

Manage your tenant contact details, entry exit dates

Neighbour Contact Details

Record details of neighbours to make contacting them easy.

Expenses Reporting

Easily export your expenses

Power Team Contacts

Create your power team of trade contacts

Report Emails

Get weekly or monthly report emails to keep you up-to-date with your properties.

Tenant Online Payments

Allow tenants to set up direct debits and card payments online for rent.

Tenant Login

Allow your tenants to login and monitor their account, log issues and messages.

Record Meter Readings

Record your meter readings for your properties


Generate invoices for your clients.

Live Chat

Allow your clients and tenants to chat in real time with you


Create articles to notify tenants and clients of changes.

Unified Communication

Record all communication in one place

Environmental Monitoring

Measure and record environmental readings from your properties

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