How do you manage my property?
We have developed an application where you can enter the details of your property, exipry dates of certificates, inspections, work orders, tenants and payments. Through giving you a simple interface, highlighting the issues that require attention and alerting you to issues proactively allows you to easily keep track of your property portfolio
What do you keep track of?
You can look after your property, certificates such as gas safety certificate, insurance, landlord registration. We also look after work orders for you, keep track of the status of work and the cost. You can manage your tenants, payments and details too.
How can I be alerted of issues?
Urgent and upcoming issues are brought to your attention directly on the site, you just need to go into your property to see what is requiring your attention. We can also alert you by email when some tasks are needing your attention.
How many properties can I manage?
You can manage as many properties as you want from one property to many many more, we can help you to manage your portfolio. Check out our pricing page for more info on the costs for larger numbers of properties.
How easy is it to use?
We have tried to make managing your property as easy as possible. We alert you to things that are missing, or that are about to expire. Creating your properties is so easy you don't have an excuse not to!