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How do you communicate?

Communication is one of those key skills we all need to learn to get along in this world, and in business it is even more important. In the Property Factoring world, its one of the main 'must get right' skills to succeed. In being landlords ourselves, we understand that communication with your clients is key to keeping them happy and paying the bills.

Unified Communication

At property managed we decided we needed to make communicating with your clients that bit easier, just reply to your client or tenant and your message goes over the same channel that it was received on, and all are logged on property-managed.

We didn't just stop there.
We thought that having a record of all these communications would be key to providing your business the kind of tools a professional business needs in order to provide evidence of your communication with your clients, all messages are audited in the one place, and timestamped so you can be sure when they contacted you and when you responded, this can be invaluable when you need to provide evidence of responding to an incident.

Its easy to use and convenient when you are out and about to seamlessly communicate with your clients. Its one of the features we're most proud of and have plans to develop further in the near future.

Click here and find out more about our unified communications feature

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Posted by Stewart McKee

Stewart has been a software developer for 20 years, and in the last few years has been moving into property rental. A point came when the number of properties needed some sort of management solution, so rather than heading for a limited spreadsheet he built a site to manage his properties. This proved to be so useful that he decided to form it into the site you see today and make a product out of it so that others can benefit from the ease of use.